About Us

COTTONCANY doesn't provide a platform that only connects devices,
but a platform that can connect technology to people and people to technology.


Established in July, 2017, CottonCandy is a start-up company that was spin-off from CLONIX.

We were established with the goal of providing a "Life Changing Solution" that doesn't stop at making our customers' IT environments more efficient and productive, but that can create operational value for our customers and change their lives.

Our goal is to build a secure, independent device management platform inside the customer’s IT environment so that all their devices can be efficiently managed at their fingertips.


What We Do

We want our customers save more money and time, so they can invest their time and money in more valuable places.

If, by reducing device management and disaster recovery costs, companies can invest more in future R&D to increase enterprise value, and administrators and save the time it takes for to recover from failures, work remotely as well, and be able to spend more time with their families,

is that not the real "Life Changing Solution" that CottonCandy pursues?

CottonCandy will become a company providing true solutions, not only providing technology.

Notes From Our Team

I do not want customers to be able only to achieve technical improvements by using our solutions.

Providing solutions that go as far as to be able to improve their quality of life is CottonCandy's sole goal.

CottonCandy's efforts will not stop until all customers are satisfied.

Nam Seung Lee, CEO

The reason for CandyBOX is clear.

Minimizing damage by reducing the customer's operational costs and minimizing the number of failures and failure recovery times.

Ultimately, the greatest value that cotton candy can provide to its customers is enabling them to create noticeable cost savings by using CandyBOX.

Kim Hyun Soo, CSO

CandyBOX is a simple and powerful tool for connecting and controlling devices.

Using CandyBOX, you can secure powerful connectivity for your devices.

No matter how many functions a platform provides, it becomes meaningless if you lose connectivity, and I think the strong connectivity will further enhance the value of CandyBOX.

Seo Yang Jin, CTO, PhD

I hope CandyBOX will make your work environment change to become more efficient.

As time it takes to perform the same job is reduced, and remote response is possible instead of going on trips for disaster recovery, I think that these changes will eventually lead to a change in the work environment.

CandyBOX is the solution that provides the first step.

Kim Mi Sun, Senior Engineer

CandyBOX is a platform that can be responsible for responding quickly and reliably in the event of a device failure.

I think the ability to quickly and remotely restore a device to an optimal state at the point in time you wish is a big change in the failure response environment.

Ryu Yong, Senior Engineer