CandyBox is an integrated device management platform
that allows you to efficiently and stably manage
multiple devices remotely.


Remotely manage multiple devices efficiently and reliably on one integrated platform

The dashboard allows administrators to monitor the status of their devices in real time

Quickly and accurately control and restore failed devices remotely


Learn more about the various features of CandyBox, CottonCandy's integrated device management platform.


A powerful platform that can restore devices remotely even in the case of a *BSOD
(*BSOD: Blue Screen of Death)
Remotely perform backup, restore, and failback of devices to Reduce operational costs
Providing real-time dashboards Quickly identify error and accurately analyze cause

CANDYBOX Key Features

1. Dashboard
Real-time integrated dashboard

CANDYBOX Dashboard allows you to monitor the information and installation/connection status of registered devices at a glance.

- Enables immediate problem recognition through quick notification in the event of failure or issues
- Enables the administrator to respond quickly through notifications such as SMS or e-mail.
- Various Dashboard customization offered based on use purpose of each administrator
- Enables the user to identify current work in progress, besides the present condition of the device.


2. RMM
Efficient device management

The CANDYBOX RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) collects a variety of information in addition to the device's basic information to proactively detect current status and predictive failures.

- Provides the functions of device registration, deletion, and device information check.
- Gathers basic information such as the OS version, disk usage, and network usage and displays it on the dashboard.
- Gathers key information that can cause system failure such as CPU usage and memory usage.
- Take prior action again failures with notifications when thresholds pre-set by administrator are reached
- Provides the functions of distributing updates and applications to each device.


3. Grouping
Convenient user and group management

You can create/change/remove groups for each device, and set up a group to divide the devices into groups and have them run one at a time.

- Group of devices at each point can be designated according to the convenience of the administrator, such as the area, device model name, operating system, user, and department.
- Enables efficient and quick work as the same task can be performed throughout all devices in the group at the same time.
- Saves management time and resources by applying the latest firmware updates and patches to the group.


4. CandyAgent™
Communication with the server

The CandyAgent is installed on the device and is responsible for communicating with the server, and is controlled on one platform, regardless of the type, of all devices that use the Standard protocol.

- CoAP, MQTT: Communicate with the server using standard IoT protocols
- All devices using the same protocol can be controlled from one platform, regardless of the type.
- Applications or modules added by the server can be installed on and distributed to each device using CandyAgent.
- Collect device information such as device name, OS version, H/W information, CPU share, memory utilization, CPU temperature, etc.


5. CandyBackup™
System backup and restoration

One of the key applications of Candybox is the ability of CandyBackup to keep your system in optimal condition.

- The system can be backed up as an image when the system is in an optimal condition.
- The backed-up image can be saved in local storage or the cloud.
- Use a backup image to restore the device to its optimal state within 30 minutes if a factory reset is required due to failure
- Automatic backup and restoration using the scheduler function
- Possible failure can be prevented in advance with automatic restoration at a specified time.
- PCs in public places can be managed efficiently using the restoration function when Windows events occur.


6. CandyRemote™
Remote access function

CandyRemote is a built-in Virtual Network Computing (VNC) that allows direct remote control.

- A direct device can be controlled remotely using the remote connection function offered through CandyRemote.
- The hardware condition can be checked using a remote connection.
- A system can be restored and controlled remotely, if necessary.


7. CandyPlug™
Remote power management

CandyPlug is a H/W device that comes with Candybox, which provides the ability to maintain network connectivity even in situations where the device's operating system is not functioning normally (for example, BSOD).

- In the event of a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), a typical device loses its network driver functionality, causing the network connection to be lost and the administrator must go directly to the site to repair and restore
- CandyPlug detects this situation and maintains connectivity by switching the network connection to the CandyPlug internal network.
- CandyPlug reboots the device and enters the restoration area based on the maintained connectivity so that a remote restoration command can be received. Therefore, the device can be restored remotely even in situations where the OS is disabled.


8. ADD On
Application extension

CANDYBOX is an extensible platform that allows you to add new applications according to your needs.

- Plan to link various application platforms.
- Even 3rd party application can be added to the platform can can be controlled on single platform

CANDYBOX Platform Range for which application is possible

Energy plant monitoring,
controlling equipment recovery


Home IoT device management method, Security System


24H operation medical device
monitoring equipment


Real-time Traffic Monitoring,
Traffic Signal Control Equipment


ATM, POS, DID, Computers, Laptop, Server etc.


Factory Automation System Production Monitoring, Production Control


Wildlife Monitoring,
Fine dust measuring system


Real-time Crop Status monitoring,
Temperature/Humidity Sensing/Control system


Natural Disaster,
catastrophe monitoring system